Final Post

     This is going to be my final entry for my class blog.  It's going to center on my final project, which was an original creation for consideration as a limited edition piece for the next Pensacon, which will be held next February.
     I wanted to keep the piece not only minimal in design, but create a 3D print which produced low relief.  I was able to accomplish this with help from Thomas, my instructor. I wanted to tie in the military history of Pensacola with my piece because of it's tie in with Star Trek. I thought that a design which resembled a military challenge coin in the shape of a dog tag, would meet this criteria.  On one side of my design is the USS Enterprise model NCC-1701A. The numbers below the Enterprise represent the first day of Pensacon in star-date form.  I took a single element from the Pensacon logo itself, that being Neptune's trident spear. My overall intent was to create a piece that folks could carry with them, rather than keeping it on t…

Week 12 Class notes

On Tuesday's class I learned about Fusion 360. It was a re-hash for the majority of the class but there were a few of us who missed the software demonstration.  It was provided to us by Thomas due to the fact that we can incorporate these designs into meshmixer for our Pensacon DMM project.

I've been working on my design and it's a tie in between military, and Star Trek.  I went with this theme because of the military history that Pensacola has.

Digital Multimedia (Week 08) 16 Oct 17

For Tuesday's class (17 Oct) we worked on our Meshmixer projects.  Two chimeras saved as both
.stl binary and ascii formats.

Thursday's class was another work day where we continued to refine our chimeras.
This is an early version of my first chimera.  I eventually added two more heads to it, as well as cleaned up all the loose files in this piece.  I'm hoping that by eliminating the extraneous files, the print time will be shortened.

Digital Multimedia (Week 07) 12 Oct 17

For our class on 10 Oct, we covered our Pensacon  limited edition piece project.
We covered how to conduct research, and that we shouldn't restrict ourselves to the generic search engine.  We also need to do searches for scholarly articles, fandom websites, and finally catalog searches as well.

For us to conduct productive research we should get to know our clients so we can find any commonalities between our research topic and our client. We were pointed in the following direction in order for us to begin our research:.
Gene Roddenberry
Star Trek and how it relates to the following ideas:
Empires, groups, self-gov't, exploration, and sacred practices in Star Trek.

We then had a lecture on Meshmixer and how it uses triangles to display our object in the

The triangle was broken down into 4 parts for us.
 Vertices- where triangles make contact with each other
Face - the exposed part of the triangle
Edge - side of the triangle that aren't making contact with other triangles.

DMM Class notes 3/5 Oct 2017

On 3 Oct, our class had a guest speaker, Katy Hendry, who is a  Senior Grant Specialist and Internal Grants Coordinator. She works in the office of research and sponsored programs.  Ms. Hendry made us an offer that we couldn't refuse.  No we really couldn't refuse it because it's one of our long term class assignments.  Ms. Hendry asked us as a class to create limited edition  3Dpieces for the upcoming Pensacon which will be held 23-25 February 2018.  A panel of judges will select four pieces, which will be included in gift bags.  It was emphasized to us that the theme of our pieces should reflect some aspect of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek franchise.

  For class on 5 Oct, we had our first show and tell.  It was a class critique of our 3D models (14"X14"X14") created using the CnC in the fablab.  My project was an attempt at an expanding square cut out transforming into a pyramid.  Due to my inexperience at this kind of project I cut all the corners of…

Weekly Blog 25 - 29 Sep 17

The first class of this past week (26 Sep), in the exciting class of digital multimedia: 3D modeling / digital fab we were introduced to an exciting software program called meshmixer (MM).  MM allows various 3D models based on triangle meshes to be mixed in ways that are limited only by one's imagination. For the uninitiated, MM allows the users to create designs comparable to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and John Hughes' Weird Science.

     The software can import any of the following formats  .STL, .OBJ,  .AMF , .PLY, .OFF (Object File Format). For exporting files, MM uses .MIX, .STL, .OBJ,  .DAE,  .PLY, .AMF,  .WRL,  .SMESH

     The primary limitation of this software is that it needs to be watertight when completed.

      Class on 28 Sep was utilized as work time for our projects.

     The image below is my MM creation in progress.

Week 4 DMM class debrief 18-22 Sep 17

This week in class we learned that if our instructor has too much time on his hands over the weekend, he'll come up with adjustments to our current project.  Case in point: during class on Tuesday, 19 Sept 17, Thomas decided that we needed to have limitations put into place for our first project of only being able to use five sheets of 24" X 36".  The weight of stock we use is up to us, but based on the limitations of the TechnoCNC LC4896, we should probably keep the weight to no more than ~100lbs, or a good 'ol heavy card stock.
   The major advantage to the late adjustment we were given will give us students a good idea of what it's like to work for a client who changes their mind halfway through the design process.  This will happen more times than anyone will be able to keep track of.  It'd probably be easier to count the number of times the client didn't have any "suggestions' for his or her project.

   Because of the overall size requi…